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An Icon of the Left Tells Democrats: Don’t Go Socialist

Nothing the states declare matters much to this Administration.

 · We don’t advertise it, because we try and avoid trouble and don’t want someone to damage our property, but truthfully that’s exactly the left’s goal; to keep us “in the closet.” I will say this. my wife and daughter can wear anything they please, and nobody had better say a damn thing about it!

Q&A An Icon of the Left Tells Democrats: Don’t Go Socialist The economist Joseph Stiglitz still mistrusts markets. But he’s worried "democratic socialism" will cost the Dems the 2020 election.

 · Socialist Democrats love their country, believe in a National Health Care System, free education and Social Services for all its citizens not just a select few. A Nation that puts People over Corporate Greed and Profit. A Nation that also understands freedom of Religion or no Religious beliefs are a persons right.

An Icon of the Left (Joseph Stiglitz) Tells Democrats: Don’t Go Socialist. Posted on Thursday, Stiglitz is worried that if Democrats shift too far left, they’ll be smeared as "socialists" and lose the 2020 presidential election-in which he believes the very institutions of Western.

But when you tell people. popularity of socialism, President Trump said that public opinion would eventually swing back to conservative beliefs, while also pointing out it may be a while before the.

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Then he looked at what the Democrats are becoming and now he’s warning the Democrats, "Don’t go there. Don’t become socialists! The great middle in America wants moderate, ethical.

Yet Pelosi is not woke enough for “the squad”, four freshmen representatives representing the communist wing of an already far left Democrat party. I speak of AOC and her socialist sisters. whose.

The National Review said "Democrats play the race card against DeSantis," and further, "the Left speciously calls a common expression racist." So don’t just take my word that dems are the party of racism. Socialism in America is absurd. Any democrat advocating this is an ignorant jackass.

I don’t know what he wants them to do. No democratic candidate is suggesting socialism, that’s entitely manufactured nonsense from the propoganda arm of murdoch and friends. It doesn’t matter what the democrats do, that is now the brush they’ll be tarred with. I mean, as I understood it, that’s exactly the point.

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