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Dear Penny: I’m 54 with no retirement savings. How do I get started?

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We were never able to save much of anything before I started doing this, but recently I’ve begun to feel bad about doing it. Can you give me some advice? Penny Dear Penny, I’m glad you seem to be re-thinking this strategy. I believe in saving up for emergencies and having an emergency fund of three to six months of expenses in place.

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Dear Penny, I just turned 54. I have never had any kind of retirement plan aside from saving money where I could. I have about $30,000 lying in a savings account that’s really doing nothing.

As a landlord myself. I owned 10 units and now only own 5. It is the only thing I feel that I have done successfully. I want to buy more but I have changed career paths that is paying me much less. So I have to build up saving more to buy more. That is why I am here. Learn how to make more passive income so I can buy more rentals.Read More.

Vanguard says I’m not saving enough for retirement but I’m putting away 15% with a 10% employer match.. retirement Seriously, what happens to people that don’t have. If you’re old enough to retire and you don’t need the money then move aside so a young guy can get his life started and.

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That’s amazing that you and your wife are going to tour the 50 states and live out of your car! That’s a huge dream of mine (after retirement) so I’m inspired that you are taking the time to do that now. I too, am a great fan of my "stuff" I have lots of collections that I hold very dear but tend to take over my home.