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How To Take EPIC Drone Videos While Traveling

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Having a drone provides a refreshing new angle, taking us to places we cannot reach, or too dangerous to do so. What we would really love for our drone for travelling. In order to travel with a drone, most importantly it has to be light and not bulky. I guess that’s really one of the main features that we look out for in a drone that we can.

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How to Film Epic Travel Videos with Gopro & the 360 Fusion.. You will get a chance to work with 4K drone footage, and footage shot with a gopro using a variety of different resolutions in the exotic location of the Maldive Islands. A unique feature of this course is that we actually take your through the entire video edit of a client Gopro.

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Many drone videos lack simply because the person flying the drone didn’t actually do any kind of planning before starting to shoot. So instead of just getting your drone up in the air and trying to randomly shoot everything around you, take your time and try to picture in your mind how you would like the finished video to look like.

SpaceX was scheduled to launch. video If the landing sticks – which would completely exceed spacex’s expectations – it will be the first time the company will have successfully landed one of its.

In return, we get epic videos that we can use to show off a bit. The latest person to do so caught many South African's attention with his story:.

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