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Student debt is a baby boomer problem, too

But there are ways to manage the debt, and for those still in the planning stages, there are key points to consider so college debt doesn’t compromise their retirement." Anable lists four steps baby-boomer parents should take if they are dealing with – or considering taking on – their kids’ student-loan debt: attack the debt.

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 · Bruce Gibney. The baby boomers are conventionally defined as people born between 1946 and 1964. But I focus on the first two-thirds of boomers because their experiences are pretty homogeneous: They were raised after the war and so have no real experience of trauma or the Great Depression or even any deprivation at all.

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Baby boomers and student debt – the problem no one is talking about. The number of older Americans with student debt is growing faster than any other age group, according to the CFPB, and it appears they’re struggling. Nearly 40% of federal student loan borrowers over age 65 are in default, the report noted.

We baby boomer parents bombarded our kids. time to find something permanent. The writer’s problem is not his course of study, but an economy that works only for the people at the top, who all too.

Problems that were mostly created by none other than the "baby boomer" generation. Yeah, you know who you are. You’re tanned and healthy and living way past average life expectancy.

We’re struggling to deal with our student debt problem. We’re struggling to climb onto the property ladder." And the boomers are looking at us and they’re saying, "Life has never been as.

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And then you also have this problem – I hint at it at the end of the book – where the boomers and millennials are going to be jostling around right next to each other in the economy and in.

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Student Loan Debt Now Big Problem for Baby Boomers. Overall student debt more than doubled to $1.3 trillion over that period. According to the student loan debt clock, the total level of student loan indebtedness stands at over $1.4 trillion today. The federal government backs most of that debt. In other words, the taxpayer is ultimately on the hook.